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We have been providing website solutions since the year 2000. Early on our company did not provide hosting services which meant we were 

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or Submit a Ticket

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We strive to make your web hosting experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Did we just say enjoyable? Yes, we did and we mean it.

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Joanne L. “I am truly amazed at how friendly people can be on the internet!! You have helped me through my frustrations (wanting to just scrap the whole thing) and used your professionalism to keep my desire to get it right! To tell the truth I was beginning to believe no one was really understanding me! Thanks Again.”

Susan S. “I can’t thank you enough, you have been a huge help. (I don’t think I could have done it without your help.


We strive to make your web hosting experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Did we just say enjoyable? Yes, we did and we mean it.

WebExHosting offers:

Domain Names (Order here) – $12.95


Hosting (Order here)


Business – $8 monthly/$90 yearly

Perfect for the needs of most small business owners.

Blogger  – $13 monthly/$145 yearly

For the experienced blog owner/administrator. It’s perfect for the blogger who plans for a well established website with consistent traffic. Pre-installed WordPress – the preferred blogging platform – if requested.

Pro Business/Blogger  –  $19 monthly/ $215 yearly

For your established business, blog, or e-commerce website. Your portal, CMS, or money-producing blog will be a great fit for this package.




Website Maintenance – Apply theme, plugin, and CMS upgrades. Change page wording, pricing, etc. Other changes are optional and can be discussed prior to sign up. Contact here for more information.

Hourly – $30 – no contract

Monthly – $36 per month – One 3 hour session per month, same date each month, 6 month or 12 month contract

Quarterly – $45 per quarter – One 2 hour session per quarter, dates chosen in advance, 12 month contract


Social Media Envoy – Create and/or keep up your social media presence as frequently as negotiated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, and any other platform previously agreed upon.

Request quote – Prices will vary. Your personality will be taken into consideration since we will need to work closely together in the beginning. Be nice. Contact here for more information.