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Account orders are placed in a queue and are processed in the order in which they are received. Your site can be uploaded to our servers immediately after receiving the welcome email, which will contain the IP address for your account, plus the password for the username chosen during signup. In fact, we recommend that clients start uploading their site as soon as possible after setup is complete, so that once domain transfer is completed, the site will be available for use by your visitors.

NOTE: We do not host "just anyone" because many web hosts are the target of phishers online. These are the people that signup for hosting hoping for automated setups so they can send out all of those paypal, ebay and bank alerts to get your information before the web host can put a stop to them. We do not offer automated setups for this very reason. Web hosts that allow automated setups are allowing anyone to share space on the same server as your own web site which can ultimately affect you. We verify all of our new clients as having legit business by doing an address verification match. Once that is done, the account is setup and the hosting Welcome Letter is sent via email. If you do not get it within 24 hours, then submit a help ticket and we'll get back to you.

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