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Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive and the answers to those questions.

1. What operating system(s) do you run on your servers?

Our servers run linux only. We do not offer Windows-based hosting.

2. Is FTP access available 24/7?


3. Does each account have its own cgi-bin?

Yes. Addon domains also have their own cgi-bin created when the addon itself is created.

4. Are daily backups performed?

Backups are performed once daily, with a weekly and monthly rotating copy also kept. Although we perform this service, we highly recommend that all clients retain their own backups as well, in the event the backup from the system is unusable for any reason (rare, but it does occur).

5. What methods of support do you provide?

The main avenue of support is always via our Help Desk
, either through the web interface directly or through email.

6. Is there a catchall email address that will accept mail to any address at my domain, even if the address doesn't exist?

The master username for any account is also the catchall mailbox. Mail sent to an address that is not otherwise defined as a POP or forwarder will be delivered to the master username's mailbox.

7. Can I run cronjobs?

Each account has the ability to run crons, yes.

8. Do you offer autoresponders?

Autoresponders are available for each account.

9. Do you host adult sites? Warez? Spammers?

None of the above. Sites that violate our
Acceptable Use Policy rapidly find themselves without service. No prior notice is given to sites that are terminated for offenses violating our AUP.

10. Can I set up custom error pages (404, etc.)?

Certainly. Error documents can be defined via the control panel, or set up manually, at your preference.

11. Is there a discount for prepayment? Is there a money-back guarantee?

Discounts are available for contract lengths over one month. See our
plan comparison page for a breakdown on each package type. Domain registration and renewal fees are nonrefundable, without exception.

12. Where can I view your terms of service/acceptable use policy? Your privacy policy?

Our Acceptable Use Policy is available at

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